It's not too wise to leave your money all over the place, attached to the thin air itself! You'll need lots of it if you're to impress your ladyfriend!

Signpost in Clarence's Room

Coins serve as money in Clarence's Big Chance. There are a total of 2,800 coins (£2,800) in the game, although only 2,750 are needed to fully impress Clarence's date.


  • Level 1 (Clarence's House): £700 total
  • Level 2 (Suburbs): £500 total
  • Level 3 (Generic Company Building):
    • 400 coins scattered in the level
    • During Clarence's evaluation, if 3-9 tasks are completed, he is paid £50 for each one.
    • If all 10 tasks are completed, he is paid £1000, for a total of £1400 obtainable in the level.
  • Level 4 (Streets at Night): £200 total


  • Cost of £250 for each gift, with a maximum of 3 gifts (1 of each type)
  • Food during the date:
    • Just water: £0
    • A turnip: £300
    • A sausage: £300
    • Fish and chips: £300
    • Exciting Salad: £800
    • Liver and Onions: £800
    • Smoked Cod: £800
    • Exquisite Truffles: £2000
    • Grand Sirloin Steak: £2000
    • Lobster Thermadore: £2000
Clarence's Big Chance
Gameplay Elements

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