It smells sickeningly sweet. Its scent can be smelled from a distance away; sniffing it very closely apparently has some intoxicating effects. Perfumes made by it are worn by partygoers who want to get drunker and drunker as time goes on without actually drinking anything.

In-game description

The Cherrybud is the Stage 1 form of the Humid group. It has low defence stats.


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Wild Cherrybuds can be encountered and signed in Route 6. They are also used by the enemy signers Brydee in the Annoying Cave, Karlie in the Cradlewood, Gamer in Route 6, and those participating in the Random Tournament.


Base Statistics
HP: 40
MP: 26
ATK: 36
DEF: 18
M.ATK: 36
M.DEF: 18
SPD: 40
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Cherrybuds learn Accelerate, a Larval-type technique. They can also use any Larval or Plant techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Cherrybud can be evolved from a Humid Egg. It can evolve into two different forms:

The stage 2 balance form does not exist in the alpha version.