Cathodia is the first city in the Normos world. Unlike some other Normos cities, Cathodia is populated with NPCs.


Other than a handful of houses, Cathodia also has a Signer Centre and a Shop.


Though Cathodia has two exits, only the one that leads to Route 1 is useable. The other is blocked off by a guard, though it probably won't be in later versions of the game. In the alpha, there is a space in the top right that you can walk through, as a jock demonstrates (he may not be there, depending on the time of day). It leads nowhere, however.

Story events

When you walk out of the signer centre for the first time, Andarion will walk up and battle you.

"So c'mon, (name)! Fight me! I'll pummel ya!"
Element HP ATK DEF MDEF Gold
Fire 100 50 40 40 100
Greml Sprite
Level 1