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A vaguely enchanted forest just south of Canonia. The Shaman of the Canonia region usually dwells within...

Encyclopaedia description

The Canonia Woods is a forest south of Canonia, and is first visited in MARDEK Chapter 2. The Tainted Grotto and Saul's Dungeon are both located in the woods, though the latter is inaccessible until Chapter 3.


In chapter 2, Mardek and his allies are sent to the Canonia region to investigate the disappearance of the local shaman. They are told by the Guard Captain of Canonia that the shaman normally resides in this forest, and that her disappearance also led to increased monster activity. The party then explores the forest and sees that the shaman's hut is empty. However, they manage to discover a cavern and later find the shaman deep within it.

Monster formations

Random (outside areas only):

Treasures found


Shaman's Hut

See also


A full map of the area using in-game graphics, with treasures and exits marked, can be found here.

Playable Characters

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