A beast that resembles a sort of fly. Like their tinier counterparts, they still get confused by transparent glass, and fly into windows. Their loud, droning buzz is irritating.

In-game description

The Buzzle is the Stage 1 form of the Horizon group. It has high speed, above-average physical stats, and below-average magical stats.


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Wild Buzzles can be encountered and signed in Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 5, Route 6, and the Cradlewood. They are also used by the enemy signers Laura in Route 3, Jock in Route 5, Gamer in Route 6, and those participating in the Random Tournament.


Base Statistics
HP: 32
MP: 25
ATK: 31
DEF: 33
M.ATK: 22
M.DEF: 26
SPD: 34
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Buzzles learn Accelerate, a Larval-type technique. They can also use any Larval or Insect techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Buzzle can be evolved from a Horizon Egg. It can evolve into two different forms:

The stage 2 magic form does not exist in the alpha version.


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