The common brown stoat is quite unremarkable; certainly not 'cool' in any way. As such they have entire fan-clubs and towns wholly devoted to them, and are amongst the most commonly used beasts. It's odd... but they ARE quite likable.

In-game description

The Brown Stoat is the Stage 2 Power form of the Seaweed group. It has high HP and Speed.


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Wild Brown Stoats can be encountered and signed in the Annoying Cave. They are also used by the enemy signers Brent in the Stoaton Gym, and those participating in the Random Tournament.


Base Statistics
HP: 60
MP: 40
ATK: 55
DEF: 45
M.ATK: 40
M.DEF: 44
SPD: 70
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Brown Stoats learn Bite, a Beast-type technique. They can also use any Beast techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Brown Stoat evolves from a Buoybie. It can't evolve anymore in the alpha version.



  • The player's PC in real life and Clarence's computer have images of brown stoats as their desktop backgrounds.
  • Pseudolonewolf wrote a piece of music entitled "I like stoats" which consisted of the words "I like stoats" repeated and intertwined.

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