A type of wasp with a vicious sword as a stinger. Can inflict the Poison status at higher levels.

In-game description

Blade Bee is an enemy in Deliverance.


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More info

HP: 12+(6*lv) MP: 40
STR: 7 VIT: 4 SPR: 3 AGL: 18
ATK: 10.5+(2.5*lv) DEF: 1 MDEF: 1
Elemental resistance
IconFireD Fire IconWaterD Water IconAirD Air IconEarthD Earth
-100% 0% -80% 50%
IconLightD Light IconDarkD Dark IconAetherD Aether IconFigD Fig
0% 0% 0% 0%
Status resistance
IconPoisonD Poison IconConfusionD Confusion IconCurseD Curse IconDarknessD Darkness
100% 0% 0% 0%
IconSilenceD Silence IconSleepD Sleep IconParalysisD Paralysis
0% 100% 100%
Name Element Components Properties MP
Attack None N/A
 ? 0
Poison Sting Earth StingerSoul WaspStinger
WaspStinger Bone
DMG: 6-12
PSN: 66%
WaspStinger WaspStinger 15%
PotionDeliverance Potion 5%
AntidoteDeliverance Antidote 5%
ThunderSoul ThunderSoul 8%

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