Belfan is the second planet in the Girru system. A smallish, Type B world inhabited mostly by humans, though reptoids are also known to dwell in small numbers. It is an undeveloped world, still stuck in its mediaeval ages, barely knowing of the other worlds in its own system let alone any others elsewhere.

The star, Girru, is in a binary relationship with the nearby star Nusku. Nusku orbits Girru extremely quickly, and every few hundred years the two systems come close to each other and Nusku and its planets can be observed from Belfan.

Physical characteristics

There are four major continents on Belfan : Hadris, where most humans live in their vast mediaevalesque cities and the origin of Mardek Innanu El-Enkidu; Fengue, an arid continent just south of Hadris where Aeropolis, notably, can be located; Nole'Oth, a frozen wasteland; and Tharadia, a place isolated from the rest of the world.


Belfan has no satellites, so moonlight is unknown to its inhabitants and the nights are rather darker than on Earth.


Human culture on Belfan is in its fourth stage; mediaeval-style settlements exist across the world, and the inhabitants of them are curious about the other continents, and the universe outside of their own world. Adventurers roam the lands, and swords and sorcery are commonplace.


Belfan's monsters are all low-levelled.

Places of Interest

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Famous Residents

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  • The original Belfan article on the Fig Hunter Encyclopaedia was written entirely in past tense. As all other planets were referred to in present tense, this may imply that something might have happened to Belfan.

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