Beast Signer is an abandoned monster-collecting Flash RPG designed by Pseudolonewolf, intended to be a "sort of persistent single-player MMO", and will have frequent content updates. It was recently abandoned by Pseudolonewolf and reimagined as Programon, another monster-catching RPG with a similar feel and features but also with many new ones.

Interaction with the community will be a major component of the game. Players will be able to submit beast designs to contests and sell in-game items to other players. Direct interaction, however, will not be available due to technical restrictions.


Beast Signer is the sequel of Chimaera.

Beast Signer is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which people live in a Virtual Reality world. The world has been overrun with 'creatures' called beasts - rogue bits of Artificial Intelligence which can't simply be killed but need to be caught instead.

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