Baron von Doomkill was a Crystal Tyrant on Belfan, some years past.


(From a book in the Xantusian Library)

Baron von Doomkill
When reading records of the life, times and personalities of the various Crystal Tyrants that Belfan has seen in its long and bloody history, you tend to find that you're seeing a lot of repetition.
They all sound very much the same. They like to wear dark garments, monologue about their schemes, rant madly about how they want to TAKE OVER THE WORLD... They have the distinct but unfortunate inclination to taunt rather than kill Heroes, which is often the cause of their downfall.
Baron von Doomkill was no exception to the rule. He was a tower of a man - tall, broad and strong - and liked to dress in dark armour with skulls all over it. His sadism was well-known, and his minions plentiful. Typically, he dwelt in a dark, stormy castle at the top of a dark, stormy peak.
He seized the Crystals, and ruled the world for a decade before meeting his end at the hands of one 'Placid Stoat', a plucky teenaged farm boy who went on a grand adventure to stop the tyrant after he foolishly destroyed the boy's dear peasant village.
With an eclectic bunch of eccentrics he'd met along the way accompanying him, the Hero was able to defeat the Villain and return the world to peace once more, despite the fact that said Villain had all of the world's crystals and they, well, didn't. Such is the power of friendship and love and all that happy stuff that people frolick in fields about.
The Not-At-All-Good Baron, being a by-the-book sorts of chap, swore, before being vanished to a void or what-have-you, that this was not the end of him, and that he would return one day. Whether or not he will remains to be seen.


In Chapter 3, Baron von Doomkill's soul is mistakenly sent to reside in the metal man that Meraeador builds, along with the souls of Deena, Miserable ol' Martin, and Bostolm. Gloria names the robot Legion, a reference to the Bible. The Baron intends to use his new body as a tool to take over the world.


  • The Baron pronounces words ending with '-er', '-re', '-ur', or '-ar' as '-ah'. For example, 'conquer' becomes 'conquah'.
  • The Baron says that he duelled with GALARIS in the Antilife, where he claims to have 'let' GALARIS win.