The Astral Tunnel is the final dungeon in MARDEK Chapter 3. It's currently the only accessible place of the Astral Realm.


After the King of Goznor's death, Qualna reveals himself as Clavis, and he tries to escape to Anshar through an Astral Tunnel, asking Rohoph to return with him to help save Anshar. Rohoph does pursue Qualna, but only to kill him. He then casts a spell to prevent Qualna from Soul Transferring.

Monster formations

Random (everywhere except boss area):
Note: Oneironauts can summon Yellow Souls.

Note: Qualna can summon Aether Clones.

Treasures found

First large area

Second large area


A full map of the area, using in-game graphics, with treasures, exits, save points, boss locations, and hidden passages marked and revealed can be found here.

Playable Characters

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