Anu is the master of Anshar, the home planet of the annunaki, and self-proclaimed leader of the Governance de Magi. He is currently the main antagonist of the MARDEK series, and apparently the most powerful annunaki. He also appears to be the group's most intelligent member. He is the Dark governor of the GdM.

Personality and Traits

Out of all the Governance de Magi, Anu is presumably the most corrupted by the Violet Crystal. He laughs maniacally when thinking about ruling the galaxy, and will stop at nothing to get rid of Rohoph, even if it means sacrificing a few members of his organisation in the process. He appears to care about the other Governance de Magi members however, as he tells Qualna not to meet the same fate as Moric when he volunteers to go to Belfan next.

Anu seems to be somewhat introverted, based on the few scenes he is in. He has not yet had a major role in the plot, although, being the leader of the GdM, this will likely change in future chapters. He seems reluctant to give direct orders, perhaps even a little submissive, as he generally agrees to any suggestions of which GdM member should next attempt to kill Rohoph. He shows traces of annoyance towards the members of the GdM, however, when they argue amongst themselves.

He has not accepted any other annunaki into the Governance de Magi as replacements for Rohoph and Moric, presumably to protect the power held by the governors.

Powers and Abilities

Being the master of the Governance de Magi, he is likely to be extremely powerful, and will presumably have dark-based abilities. He may have access to the abilities of his fellow Governors as well.


  • Anu (or An) was a sky-god and king of gods in Sumerian mythology (and later for the Assyrians and Babylonians). He also was the father of the sky-god Nusku, whose name is that of the system, in which Anshar is located.