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Planets inhabited Anshar
Famous members
First appearance MARDEK

The annunaki are a race hailing from the world of Anshar. They're highly skilled in magic, and usually benevolent, though this has not always been the case.

Although not immortal, annunaki have a long lifespan, usually living for hundreds of years. If an annunaki's original body becomes too damaged to sustain his soul, he's able to perform a "Soul Transfer" (although powerful annunaki are capable of blocking other annunaki from doing this), allowing his soul to go into a new body (alive or dead). If the body is alive the annunaki is able to force the soul of the person the body belongs to out of the body, but only if he chooses to do so. The annunaki are limited when picking a living body because it has to be the same element as the annunaki (for example, a Light-elemental annunaki can only transfer himself into another Light-elemental person's body). If the body is dead, however, the annunaki doesn't need to worry about the element of the body, since a dead body has no element.

All annunaki are genderless but are generally referred to as 'he'. They are also revealed to have blue blood that apparently doesn't turn red upon contact with oxygen, as Moric in MARDEK Chapter 2 states that Rohoph's robe will "run blue with blood", though this might be just a metaphor.


  • The Annunaki are worshipped as gods by the Saucer Cultists that were founded shortly after Moric's defeat.
  • The Anunnaki (or Annunaki) are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities.

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