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Alora Fane: Regression is the game that Pseudolonewolf plans to work on after MARDEK Chapter 4.

It's an RPG, set in the world of Alora Fane. Alora Fane is a world that exists beyond the normal universe, said to be created artificially by a race of 'gods'. These same 'gods' directly interact with the world's inhabitants if ever they need help or guidance, as loving caretakers or parents would. Life within Alora Fane is largely devoted to spiritual development, in order to eventually come closer to these 'gods'.

The plot follows the life of a young man named Thymus, whose lack of confidence leads to him making decisions he wishes he could change, missing opportunities he should have taken... Maybe there's a way that he can change the past?

The game may or may not be divided into chapters.

It involves aspects that set it apart from MARDEK, such as a more limited cast and a battle system that isn't based around levelling up.

All graphics in the game are pixelated.

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