Alora Fane: Creation, formerly named DreamQuest and Fig Hunter Online, is a game made by Pseudolonewolf, set in the Alora Fane setting. Alora Fane: Creation is currently far in development and in a playable state, and, though no release date is set, it is likely it won't be released for some time as additional content is being added for the official release. It will be a top-down NES/SNES style RPG, featuring pixelated graphics.


Gameplay will be similar to the MARDEK series (facedown, tiles, pixelated graphics). It was originally planned for the battle system to be tactical turn-based strategy, which means that there would be no special battle screen that you would go to, but you would take turns each, you and your enemy. Something similar to chess. That will no longer be the case and it will be the same as the MARDEK series' battle system, where the one with higher agility attacks first. Pseudo did mention that he will use turn-based strategy battle system for another game of his though.

It will consist of an Editor which you can use to make your own Adventures which will play sort of like the MARDEK series (that is, pixelated graphics, turn-based battles, RPG features, dialogue, etc). These Adventures would be saved to the server, and they'd become playable from the browser by other people, who could then rate or comment on them.

Designers could give their Adventures genres and difficulty levels, which would allow players to easily find Adventures that they want to play. You'd have the option of designing a protagonist for your Adventures, or allowing the player to create their own (using the same Character Creator tool used to make PCs and NPCs in the Editor).

Players' characters could be saved and taken on different adventures, carrying over items and experience between them.

The Editor will be really easy to use, so the learning period would be short. It would have many limitations: it would NOT be suited for essentially 'making your own games', or for making grand, epic, hours-spanning adventures full of complex twists and turns. It'd be simpler than that, and more suited towards making short, possibly amusing quests instead. It's more like a 'level editor' than a 'game maker'.

Character Creator

Some adventures in Alora Fane: Creation will allow custom characters. When the game is completed, Alora Fane: Creation will feature an extensive character creation program, including Race, class, gender, temperament, element and alignment. Aesthetic options, such as hair and facial features, will also be available. It is important to note that not all adventures will allow the use of custom characters.

Combat System

The combat system will be turn-based, like in the MARDEK series. It was originally planned to have a tactical, tile- and movement-based combat system, but this will no longer be done.

User Created Content

For the most part, Alora Fane: Creation will be driven by user-created content. Users will be able to create their own adventures, as well as play and rate the adventures of others.

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