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Achievements (Vulpin Adventure)

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This page contains a list of the achievements obtainable in Vulpin Adventure and how to obtain them.

Earthly Protector EarthlyProtectorIcon
Description: You saved the forest from monsters! Congratulations.
How to Obtain: Defeat Calyx in the Woods.
Sandy Toes SandyToesIcon
Description: The desert will also no longer be plagued by monsters! Congratulations again.
How to Obtain: Defeat Drakhbet in the Desert Ruins.
Sea Dog SeaDogIcon
Description: And now the sea is safe from monsters?! You're just too kind! Sniffle.
How to Obtain: Defeat Hydrex in the Sea Cave.
Storm Chaser StormChaserIcon
Description: You've gone to the trouble or[sic] ridding the sky from monsters! Who knew it was even possible to walk on clouds.[sic]
How to Obtain: Defeat Pterophor in Cloudy Peaks.
Hero HeroVAIcon
Description: Wow! You saved the whole world! You really outdid yourself this time!
How to Obtain: Defeat the Final Boss in Darklight Castle.

Animal Lover AnimalLoverIcon
Description: You spend lots of time stroking your pet, you big softy, you!
How to Obtain: Stroke the Vulpin 120 times.
Versatile VersatileIcon
Description: You've mastered all there is to learn. It must have taken years of study and practice.
How to Obtain: Learn all abilities.
Full Palette FullPaletteIcon
Description: All the colours have been unlocked! You could paint several rainbows with them all.
How to Obtain: Obtain all four secret colours in the Customisation menu, unlockable using Paintbrushes.
Diligent DiligentIcon
Description: Give yourself a good, heartfelt pat on the back for maximising all your stats!
How to Obtain: Level up all skills to max (HP can reach 100, while the others can reach 20, excluding equipment bonuses).

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Ducky Slayer DuckySlayerIcon
Description: Thanks to you, the world need no longer fear the evil that is ducks.
How to Obtain: Defeat Monsieur Ducky in the Bonus Level.

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