ABOMONATOROS is a Lesser Archetype Deity for hatred.


(from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

ABOMONATOROS: ABOMONOTOROS, The Unconditional Abhorrer, is the perverse counterpart of AACIUPHI; a deity of hate rather than love. Though she is rarely worshipped by the sane, she does still have a lot of work.
She is depicted as a direct counterpart to AACIUPHI; a mockery of the Darling Heartsaint's glamourous appearance. Her wings and hair are black and ragged rather than gold, her skin is pale or dark grey, and her figure is more skeletal than voluptuous. She's generally seen with a frown, to contrast AACIUPHI's cheery grin.
ABOMONATOROS is a deity of hate and loathing, but not of anger. She represents a cold, simmering distate for things rather than a forceful, aggressive desire to destroy. As such, she is not *evil*; merely discontent. She hates evil as much as she hates good.
Her name is used as an interjection of intense dislike. Saying 'I hate you!' may be harsh, but 'May ABOMONATOROS glare at you!' is a way of saying that you really, REALLY and utterly hate that person's guts.
ABOMONATOROS' moral alignment is True Neutral, as she hates everything equally.

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