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7 Heavens 9 Hells is a role-playing game by Pseudolonewolf.


There will only be one controllable character, and it will not have a heavy basis on the story, unlike MARDEK. However, like MARDEK, it will be top-down, and feature a similar battle mechanic.


The main aim of the game will be to reach the highest heaven. You start in the lowest hell. Each heaven and hell will have a different style to it. You have to pass through each one, completing quests, through Purgatory and into the Heavens, where you keep ascending until you reach the highest heaven.

Planned features

It would have relied on 'procedural generation' - that is, randomly created content - so that your adventure was different every time. It would have involved you travelling through the layers of 'Hell' and 'Heaven' for some reason or another.


Magic may be gained from monsters, though currently the exact process is still in development.


Items may be modifiable like in Deliverance, and they may also have different properties caused on attack.

Random Map Generation

Each level of Hell, Heaven and Purgatory will be randomly generated to encourage replayability and make the game easier to create for Pseudolonewolf. The idea is to create something that will take a short amount of time to create, but can still be a very expansive and enjoyable.


Pseudolonewolf has no plans to work on it soon.

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